After much too long

5 thoughts on “After much too long”

  1. You have indeed had a busy and wonderful summer! The wedding was a perfect Sarah and Nate wedding–can’t imagine anything done differently! You were a stunning couple with wide smiles and obviously lots of love. Now we are looking forward to sweet baby Elliott to arrive! Blessings on all of you!

  2. Sarah,

    I met you earlier this summer at the St. Charles Farmers Market. I bought honey from you and your mother 3 or 4 times and talked with you about someday learning more about bee keeping. I looked for you at the Farmers Market for several weeks, but it seems as if youd stopped selling your produce and honey there.

    Id love to continue buying honey from you, but until this posting, I did not know how to contact you.

    It is possible for me to buy honey from you during the months that you dont attend the Farmers Market?


    Janet Pariza 5N350 Ronsu Lane St. Charles, IL

    Phone 630-377-8412

    1. Janet, thanks for letting me know! With this coming baby, market got to be too much for me to do mid-summer. I am going to try to get honey to one of the other vendors at the St. Charles Farmers market and will let you know if this works out. If not, I’m sure we can meet up somewhere so you can stock up on honey!

  3. Gardener that you are, Sarah, surely Elmer/Elliot will be found under a cabbage leaf rather than delivered via stork express. Many congratulations to you all, and thanks for posting fabulous wedding pics.


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