The bees keep themselves

The last time I actively engaged in beekeeping was about a month before Ruby was born (so about 18 months ago or so).  In the swirl of life the followed the arrival of one little bundle, I cannot remember exactly what the state of things was heading into that winter.  I do know that none … Continue reading The bees keep themselves

Garlic scapes in May

It’s just the end of May, and it amazes me that the garlic has thrown scapes, the fireflies have made their debut, the tomato plants are beginning to blossom, and the bees have already gathered a harvestable amount of honey. Forgive me if I am redundant in saying this but nearly everything continues to be … Continue reading Garlic scapes in May


Last post, I mentioned that once bees decide they will swarm, there is no turning back.  Last Sunday, several hundred bees found their way into the garage, where the extra beekeeping equipment is kept.  Smelling like honey and cozy like home, the bees are attracted to the empty frames in supers and brood boxes.  At … Continue reading Swarm!