Me and my butternut (or My butternut and I)

Sometime late last May, nearly a year ago now, I started a handful of pumpkin and winter squash seeds.  We got a bit busy and behind on the transplanting, so it was well into June before they went into the ground.  Fast forward through the summer and into the fall, and I was out in … Continue reading Me and my butternut (or My butternut and I)

A farm called Kinnikinnick

A short 65 miles from the Fox Plot is a much larger plot, a farm really, called Kinnikinnick Farm located just northeast of Rockford, IL and south of the Wisconsin border.  It is (for this wannna-be farmer) the stuff that dreams are made of.  Susan and David Cleverdon, while originally city folks, made their way westward … Continue reading A farm called Kinnikinnick

Seeds and Bees

After an unusually short winter, it’s begun to feel like spring here already. The present moment notwithstanding, I’m not entirely convinced that we are going to get a pass on winter; my glass-half-empty side thinks about March 1st will be a great time for a blizzard.  Yesterday we received a bit of sad winter news. … Continue reading Seeds and Bees