FoxPlot babies

The first farm babies of the season arrived on February 25, much to the delight of their father and the relief of their mother.  Violet and Hazel arrived more quickly than their older sister Ruby had, but with no less fanfare. Ruby (2.5) who loves all soft and fuzzy things, loves to pet their soft little … Continue reading FoxPlot babies

Time to pick the radishes: a homecoming

My alarm sounded at 4:18am.  Just five more minutes.  Why was I getting up this early?  I peeled one lid open and stopped the noise, and searched for my glasses.  I looked at my phone again, and remembered.  Time to pick the radishes. image

And just like the that, farmers market season has begun.  The last time I’d assembled all the stuff (the tent, coolers, tables, bags, scale, rubber bands, dry erase board, tablecloths, and don’t forget the honey!) was maybe August 2012.   Continue reading “Time to pick the radishes: a homecoming”

Holding on to hope

Several years ago (six, I think), I visited my brother Bryan in Alaska.  En route, I was awake for nearly 24 hours, then spent most of the week wearing long underwear in June, staying in a cabin with no running water, and general running wild.  Daylight lasted until two in the morning, and returned after … Continue reading Holding on to hope