Excuses and more excuses

5 thoughts on “Excuses and more excuses”

  1. It is always fun to read about your garden. You have so much knowledge and energy! I look forward to enjoying some tasty tidbits from it this summer when we visit!

  2. Great post! Enjoy your time in Florida and enjoy those Sungolds. They’re my fave and I’ll be growing a high percentage of my high tunnels in them. Out here, one grower sells them for $5/half-pint! Curious to know what that market in FL had them for? I see $3.50 ea for kale of all things (pretty much our island vegetable here, ubiquotous throughout the year) and $3.50 for a bunch of Hakurei. Guess it depends on the size of the bunch.
    I have the 6-row seeder you commented on (the one from Johnny’s?). It’s pretty good IF you can get your bed completely free of sticks and stones (which won’t break your bones but rather your will to live). Because of this, I gave up on lowering the V’s for making the seed furrows; they simply brought up too much stuff from just below the surface which then stopped the drum from turning (which stops the seed shaft from turning). It worked better to drop the seed right on top and then sprinkle a bit of soil on top and tamp it down a smidge. . Anyway, I have yet to find a seeder that works great. I also have an Earthway but my brief experience with it meant an awful lot of thinning (I dislike on-the-knees work). I’ve come to the temporary conclusion that it’s probably faster to go with starts for most things. I’ve also used the Hatfield transplanter and that thing seems to be pretty darned good although I’ve only used it once.

    Shameless plug for my own blog.

    1. Hey, sorry so slow to reply. Thanks, for both reading what I write and for sharing your experience. One thing I’m beginning to notice about this whole blogging business is that I am finding like minded folks doing a lot of the same things we’re doing, but scattered about the continent! I don’t remember for sure what the price on sungolds in Florida was (I sold them for $3.50 or $4 here last year). There’s a blog/site called Real Time Farms that you can look at what farmers are selling at markets around the US and Canada as well. Some prices are listed, which is always interesting how it varies from region to region. And as far as seeders go, I’ll give it another try with a little more complete bed prep, but transplants are my friends!

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