Sarah and Nate met over a farm to table dinner in 2007, quickly discovering their mutual interest in gardening.  A few year later, the FoxPlot started as a small ‘plot’ of earth in a backyard in the unincorporated LaFox, Illinois.  Since then we have grown in lots of ways! In 2013 we moved onto 2 3/4 acres just down the road in Campton Hills, and broke ground as soon as we could. Nate tends towards infrastructure like tilling, amending, irrigation, mowing, and making compost while Sarah starts starts, plants plants, and picks them when it’s time. We hope for unpretentious and delicious produce.

For the 2015 growing season, FoxPlot will be getting some much needed help from Sara Schluchter.  Sara has worked at several other local farms and shares our passion for growing good vegetables using organic methods.  Coincidently, we graduated from the same high school the same year and never knew each other!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve read every word and loved it. I’ve especially liked learning about your becoming bee landlords, and of course the whole story of flyboy and flyboy fiance!

  2. I just finished a small jar of your Honey. I cant remember where I had purchased it. I thought Elburn Meat Market. However they didn’t have it. It was the BEST Honey ever. I’ve used it in baking & cooking substituting it for sugar. Do you have any for sale? I’ll gladly purchase some. I live in West Chicago, Illinois.

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