The Garden Begins and Growing Pains

3 thoughts on “The Garden Begins and Growing Pains”

  1. Hi Sarah

    Not sure if your growing budget has $1500 in it but, if it did, you could put up a good snow-resistant 550 square foot tunnel using a design I’ve been using. That would probably be enough money for rollup sides and a 24 tray germination bed as you may have already read.


    1. Thanks Rod. Somehow your comment slipped to the spam filter! Still learning a bit on the blogging end. I did read about yours (and have greenhouse envy), but our current living/growing situation may change within the next year so we held off on investing in a greenhouse this season. I’ll definitely be writing about it when we get there. Thanks for your comment and your blog posts as well. -Sarah

  2. I hear ya. We don’t own or even have leases on the two chunks of land we’re borrowing right now. As a result, our fences are crap – but easily dismantled – as are our tunnels. Having said that, I REALLY hope we don’t get kicked off any time soon. Too much sweat equity invested, if not actual money.

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